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Dress Codes For Teens

There are many rules for students in schools, and one of the biggest rules is the dress code. The dress code is put in place to prevent students from wearing clothing that is offensive, could insight a fight, or is geared to keep students decent. Some of the dress codes include shorts or skirts that the length is at the end of an extended fingertip. This is key in ensuring that girls are protected from showing too much of themselves when bending over. This same goes for shirts. There are bend-over rules that say if a girl bends over and shows too much of herself, she is to wear another shirt or sweater to cover up.

The dress codes for boys includes wearing certain types of clothing that could be affiliated with a gang, or have crude language. The reason for this is that many of the gangs began to wear benign clothing but had specific color scheme to show their loyalty to their gang. This resulted in large scale fights and riots in schools. It began to get so bad that many schools incorporated a dress code that mandated uniforms in public schools. The other items that are not allowed at schools is hats, and all hoods on hoodies have to be left down. This is because of the Columbine experience that allowed the perpetrators to hide themselves when they went on their rampage.

All of the dress codes are intended to protect the student population through the avoidance of clothing that can be a potential problem. This means that parents have to take a concern in their teen’s clothing to make sure that they stay within the guidelines of their dress code.


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