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Fashion For Young Ladies

Fashion for young girls has taken a turn in the last twenty years, as showing more and more skin has become acceptable. While it may fashionable, it does not mean that it is proper. Icons like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson have portrayed a level of sexiness that many 15 year old find appealing. There is a nice compromise so that your teen can be fashionable without looking too risque. First, allow your daughter to have a day in the clothing she picks, this will go a long way in building a compromise. Next, insist that it be decent, not show cleavage, or undergarments, but other than that, she can have what she likes. One of the popular styles right now is the layer look. This is a great way to allow your young lady to dress appropriately, and let you have the piece of mind that your 15 year old does not look like a 24 year old. The compromise with this is that it tends to cost more, as there is more to buy in order to complete this look.

There are popular brands that teens tend to gravitate to because that is the trend, and they are decent. Brands like Hollister, Aeropostale, or Abercrombie & Fitch. While these brands present a more adult appeal, their actual fashions are relatively conservative. This is a nice touch that allows your daughter to look like a lady. For styles that do require an older touch, keep with the same rules. So, for instance, with prom, don’t allow cleavage to show. This presents the wrong idea for others that attend, and there is really no need for this as girls can remain in the fashionable scope and not show that part of themselves. By reigning this need to look more mature, and turning it back to the fashion aspect, your daughter will feel confident in the style, while you feel good about the way she presents herself to her peers.


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