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Good Accessories For Teens

Teens are not into high priced jewelry, and their active lifestyle, and some forgetful ways, makes parents nervous to begin that process of gift giving. However, there are some pieces that have a lot of symbolic meaning that your teen is guaranteed to love and appreciate. One such piece is a father daughter ring. This is usually a simple ring that symbolizes the love of a father for his daughter. It is also a reminder on the values that her family holds so when she is out on her own, she has a tangible reminder. The other types of jewelry usually consist of fashion jewelry. Much of this is low cost, fun, and allows your teen to be creative with accessories, while not costing an arm and a leg in the process.

Some of the popular styles today are earrings. With the piercing craze in full swing, teens are given a wide assortment of earrings to choose from. While this may lead to the desire to want more piercings, you can have piece of mind knowing that there is a large selection regardless of the quantity of piercings. The other hot accessory that teens cannot leave home without these days is cell phone charms. About ten years ago the charm craze started back up in full swing. Now, you can put a charm on just about anything, including phones. Kids are running to get these, and are finding that they can find matching charms to their earrings, and then purses, making for a complete look, and all costing around $10 to do. This is a great time for your teen to learn the do’s and don’ts of accessorizing, but to also have fun with jewelry. There are some serious pieces, but for the most part, it is relaxed and carefree.


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