Observing The Unwritten Dress Codes

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Observing The Unwritten Dress Codes

We have many unwritten rules in our society, and with fashion there are a ton. For instance, the unwritten rule for patterns is that plaid never looks good with polka dots. While we will never be sure who decided that rule, we all agree that is it a rule that we acknowledge. There are rules for colors, i.e. no white below the waste after labor day, and black at weddings is considered bad. But what about rules regarding age, place, or even gender? We are noticing that some of the rules are being broken with the skinny jean phase. In fact some designers have come out with the girl cut for mens jeans. There are some sayings that help to keep us in line regarding the type of clothing we wear. such as the only cleavage people should see on a woman is the cleavage between her big and middle toes.

While we may not need to use some of these sayings, what they are implying does hold true. In an office setting, others should never see cleavage, that goes for a high school girl as well. Observing unwritten dress codes can keep us from committing the worst of all fashion sins. This goes for finding the right sizes as well. You would never want to look like a pillow being pushed through chain link, or 50 pounds of sand in a 30 pound bag. Be mindful of your choices for clothing, observe all “laws” and you should have a happy and healthy fashion existence.


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